With over 15 years of combined experience in computational peptide drug and supplement design and discovery, we use our proprietary computational methods to develop innovative supplement formulas and novel peptides across multiple modalities.

Researcher in a brightly lit laboratory wearing a white lab coat a blue mask looks at sample on computer screen.

Improve Outcomes With Physics-Based and AI-Enabled Computational Drug Discovery

The technological advancement of the future is unfolding right now

For the last 15 years, we’ve partnered with small, medium, and large biopharma companies as well as university researchers to advance their peptide drug candidates. We offer custom partnership agreements to suit the unique needs of each of our partners – whether you run a start-up, own an established company, lead an investor group, or operate as an academic researcher.


Accelerated Peptide Drug & Supplement Discovery

Increased Efficiency & Cost-effectiveness

Improved Safety & Efficacy

Increased Chances of Clinical Success

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Discover The Benefits Of AI-Powered Supplement Formulas

The Power Of AI Guided By Human Intelligence and Passion

At Eudoxia Life Sciences, we use AI-enabled computational methods, our hard won expertise, and passion to help people achieve their health goals, to analyze research data and ultimately identify supplement formulas aimed at helping people flourish. By rationally leveraging the power of AI and computation, we’re able to identify the most effective compounds and combinations to serve a wide variety of health supplement needs.

Advanced Safety & Efficacy

Through the power of data-driven and AI-enabled supplement discovery, we are able to develop clinically validated, multi-ingredient supplement formulations to help our customers achieve their health and wellness goals.