Blood Sugar Maintenance


Eudoxia Life Sciences Blood Sugar Maintenance supplement is ideal for individuals looking to maintain safe and healthy blood sugar levels.

Our blood sugar support supplement is formulated with biotin, manganese, chromium, vitamin E, cinnamon, L-taurine, banana, cayenne pepper, and other natural compounds that may help with blood sugar support.

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A multi-ingredient blend of clinically studied and AI-vetted micronutrients, enzyme cofactors, metabolites, amino acid derivatives, plant extracts and phytocompounds intended to support healthy blood sugar levels within the normal range.

Contains natural ingredients including Vitamins C and E, Chromium, and a blood sugar blend composed of such compounds as Cinnamon Bark, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Taurine, Banaba and Capsicum which can help support the body’s response to insulin, improve glycemic control, maintenance healthy glucose levels, and facilitate weight loss.

Live a healthy and balanced life with Blood Sugar Maintenance.


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